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Coronavirus update- HOT LINE 1-855-600-3453 available 24/7
Any cough, fever, shortness of breath-get screened for free just call the hotline for Coronavirus 1-855-600-3453  

We also want you to know what you can do during this time;
*Get an extra dose of vitamin C &  vitamin D to boost immune system
*Get plenty of exercise and outdoor time-make sure to sweat because that is how the body gets things moving out
*Stay hydrated-Drink plenty of water -not soda-flushes your body of toxins
* Eat well-Feed your body more greens! Less processed foods and less sugar- cut the dairy as it makes mucus
*Rest-your body recovers when it sleeps
*Wash your hands & frequently touched items-this also will prevent the common cold and flu
*Amidst the chaos-Calm your mind, meditate, pray, yoga, breathe, take the time to read a great book, play games, cards and puzzles
We are in this together be compassionate

What started out as a massage company in corporate America across 4 states over the last 27 years. SW found we needed something to help our professionals to alleviate pain, arthritis and anxiety. Thus we developed SW Therapy & Rehab Hemp. This hemp oil cream was developed by a Naturopath and Maser Herbalist to help those professionals who had pain, arthritis and anxiety but could not take pain reducing drugs which caused impairment, sleepiness or lethargy to do their job.  Nor could these professionals get a medical marijuana card. Our Cream is non THC, legal in all 50 states and  sold on our shopping page.

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SW continues to provide superior quality health and wellness table or chair massage at an exceptional price to our clients in short term, long term – chronic discomfort and preventable therapy services. Average price for massage therapy 1 hour is $50 to $65 depending on the location and what is offered.

Working with corporations in HR and health and wellness departments since 2005. SW is able to customize our massage therapy to fit any need in any type of company or business.

SW is proud to have partnered with the best massage therapy places
in each state. Check each page to see which one is right next to you!

Now accepting insurance as Cigna, Presbyterian, ACN, Workers comp and Auto injury. Enhancing people’s lives for the better in all areas using a custom approach to each individual and company.

Any questions regarding CBD, massage and getting massage into your office please email

Dr. Star Amber Nelson-Ridsdale ND MH BIT CWK LMT
Member ANMA American Naturopathic Medical Association

Cashy is available at our Corrales and Rio Rancho offices as our
SW Therapy & Rehab Service Dog.  Helping calm those with PTSD
and stress. Book with Rob Costa.