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New Mexico

Click on this link and print out a copy of a Physician’s Referral Form to be filled out by your Physician.

We accept CIGNA,  VA TRIWEST Community Care Network, Presbyterian, Auto Accident and Workers Compensation Insurance Sedgwick.

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Locations for massage-Albuquerque, Cedar Crest, Los Lunas & Rio Rancho!

Please look at your PRESBYTERIAN  medical card and check the group number:
GR002180 Presbyterian healthcare services
GR002194  Albuquerque Public Schools
GR008984 Ben Archer Health Center
GR005720 City of Rio Rancho
GR008044  University of New Mexico
GR008178 NM GAS  CO
GR008178 NM GAS CO retirees
GR002193  NMRHCA
GR002182  Tri State Generation
GR002183 Wagner Equipment Co.
GR009363  NM UFCW Unions and employees health and welfare fund
GR010016  County of Bernalillo
GR002191  State of NM
GR009412  Intel corp.
GR001406  State Employees Credit Union

Please note our cancellation policy.

While we realize emergencies and priority meetings do come up, if you no show your appointment you will be billed for the time missed. Cancellations are done  24/7 and are the ONLY accepted way to cancel.  Phone calls, text messages & emails are accepted in place of canceling online. We generously give you up until 24 HOURS  before your appointment time to cancel. This will give us time to go through our waitlist and try to fill the open position.

If you have issues finding a time that fits your schedule, please email we are committed to help you coordinate with our massage professionals and can stay later or open earlier for your needs. We are also available for events, showers, shows, parties & gatherings  to make your event spectacular!


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All LMTs are independent contractors running their own businesses.  You can buy gift cards, promotions, packets and hire out for events with them directly. SW does deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, pre/post-natal massage, sports massage, and most have hot stone, cold stone and hot towels with your massage.



2901 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
Suite 101C
Carrie Ohara 505-677-5274
Star Ridsdale ND

3321 Candelaria Road NE 
Suite 109 Building Plantium Suites
Maria Willis 505-589-1388
Star Ridsdale ND  

3200 Carlisle Blvd NE 87110
Suite 124
cross street N of Candelaria
Vale Tso 505-545-2912

123 Richmond DR SE 
Albuquerque NM 87106
Star Ridsdale ND
Jennifer Wellman 505-300-7310
Phillip Klien DOM 505-226-3066 

123 Central Ave NW
Central & 2nd 87102-3408

Kim Telles 505-859-6329

201 Montclaire Dr SE,
Albuquerque NM 87108
Enter by the gate on Silver
There are 2 buildings 201 Montclaire and 202 Montclaire
201 is the one that is PINK WITH BLUE TRIM
There is a sign on the building that says ASHA
Sophia meets each client in the lobby and escorts them to her room
Sophia Rider 505-730-9061
Alexis Knight 505-321-7199
Star Ridsdale ND

1330 San Pedro Drive NE
Suite 205E

Albuquerque NM 87110
Janice Hernandez MT2023-0114
cell 505-266-1627

Star Ridsdale ND

6303 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque NM 87110
Amber Senasack
Star Ridsdale ND
Shane Smith 505-900-1626

705 Grace St. NE- HOME OFFICE; no access for wheelchair or walker 
cross street S of Lomas and W of Juan Tabo
Albuquerque NM 87123
Katina Lowe 505-800-9907

2724 VASSAR PLACE NE 87107-1869
We are the 1st glass door closest to the Vassar PL road
by Comanche and Carlisle
Jaqueline Johnson 505-263-7882

4141 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque NM 87109
Constance Stauffacher 503-689-5536
Star Ridsdale ND

2921 Carlisle Blvd NE
Suite 101
cross street Candelaria
Albuquerque NM 87110
Karina Valverde 505-204-1990
Star Ridsdale ND

6404 Gonzales Rd SW
Albuquerque NM 87121
Vanesa Sandoval 575-405-1981


1005 21ST SE /7 days a week.
Suites 4 & 9 & 21
 Rio Rancho NM 87124/by Southern and Unser
Executive suites bldg. 7 days a week
Please enter double doors on the East side and wait in lobby.
Star Ridsdale 505 239 9644
Celia Larcom 505-236-9556 
Dawn Kirby 517-282-7006
Breanna Garvin 505-985-6359
Amber Senasack 972-795-0435
Angelique Miera-Ubarri 505-301-5393
Saychelle Youngbert 678-670-7385
Tiffany King 505-472-2213
Jovana Maldonado 720-404-3875


4200 Meadowlark Lane SE 

Suite 7
Rio Rancho 87124
Megan Dean 505-554-8075
Walter Pinell 505-595-8478

GALLUP /Acupuncture
509 S. 3rd Street
inside Mystique salon
Gallup NM 87301
Emily Hornback DOM 505-430-5941 

GALLUP/ Massage
Gallup NM 87301
Barbara Shorty 505-870-0523

LOS LUNAS/Cottonwood Plaza/Massage
1204  Main Street NE

Los Lunas NM 87031
Leandra Wright 505-347-1796
Yvonne Guardian 505-274-8503
Priscilla Stracener LMT
Star Ridsdale LMT
Aide Guillermo LMT 505-357-2490

357 Main St.
Los Lunas NM  87031
Bonnie Paciello DOM  505-489-0067

LOS LUNAS/ Massage/home office
430 Captial Drive SW
Los Lunas NM 87031
Priscilla Stracener 505-238-7820

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New Mexico Therapists:
Dr. Star Ridsdale ND, MH, BIT, LMT #MT1435
Vale Tso #MT9326
Celia Larcom#MT4333
Kim Telles#MT8504
Jaqueline Johnson #MT8996
Megan Dean #MT7816
Walter Gutierrez #MT9019
Katina Lowe #MT6016
Yvonne Guardian #MT7122
Priscilla Stracener #MT8055
Barbara Shorty #MT5077
Karina Valverde #MT8064
Sophia Rider MT2023-0126
Amber Senasack#MT22006
Vanesa Sandoval# MT9295
Shane Smith #MT22009
Dawn Kirby #MT9486
Carrie O’Hara #MT23007
Bonnie Paciello #DOM 700
Breanna Garvin #23004
Constance Stauffacher #23018
Alexis Knight #7230
Janice Hernandez #2023-0114
Jovana Maldonado ##0010
Jennifer Wellman  #288
Maria Willis #7132
Briana Marin ##2023-0207
Tiffany King ##2023-0080
Saychelle Youngberg #2023-0202
Angelique Miera-Ulibarri #8464
Phillip Klien #DOM 8055
Emily Hornback #DOM 1224

Some Therapies we may use: taping, cupping, essential oils, aromatherapy, hot packs, trigger point, cold stones, hot stones,
hot towels, hydroculator packs and more.

Cold Stone Massage, great for Sinus/headache
Cold stones dramatically reduce tension and lines in the face and jaw. Refresh your grace, get sinus and headache relieve while you get your neck, arms, shoulders and scalp massaged combined with an invigorating essential oil to soothe and relieve your stress.

Hot Stone Massage
Our therapists skillfully uses heated river stones with massage strokes to key points on the body, creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat from the stones  relaxes the muscles allowing manipulation of a greater intensity and re-balancing of the body. SW never leaves hot stones on the body.